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About Manchester Sky

Founded by Carol Lee Cathey and Douglas Crouch, Manchester Sky LLC is an innovative entertainment and educational research & development company located in the historic district of Charlotte, NC. To help the co-founders develop the Manchester Sky business model and product development strategy, they enlisted the services of Rhonda L. Frith-Lyons a Business Strategy Consultant from Los Angeles, CA.

Prior to the creation of Manchester Sky, the co-founders researched and worked with some of the country's top educators and researchers to develop a comprehensive product development approach to address the complex problems of safely entertaining and educating children. During this discovery process, it became evident that there was a need to take responsibility and ownership of the world we created and our children would inherit.

At Manchester Sky, we believe we all have an obligation to not only teach our children how to be good citizens and give back to their community, but also to love and respect life, people and animals. Manchester Sky solutions offer parents and teachers safe and age-appropriate products, programs and technologies that encourage children to have fun with learning while exploring the best of what the world has to offer.

Mission Statement

To be the leading innovator and designer of safe and age appropriate children's entertainment and educational products, programs and technology solutions.

Business Objectives

  • To become a major player in the entertainment and educational arena with a focus on providing children with the necessary tools and opportunities to explore, create, read, and learn.
  • To create meaningful relationships with strategic partners whose own corporate mission and vision are aligned with those of Manchester Sky, LLC and Manchester Sky Children's Educational Foundation.
  • To provide an environment for small businesses, k-12 schools, as well as colleges & universities to create entertainment and educational products, programs and technology solutions that will result in:
    • Parents, teachers and children having access to affordable educational tools.
    • Children, of all ages, having the required skills and knowledge necessary to contribute to their communities.

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Manchester Sky - An Innovative Entertainment and Educational Company