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I have found Manchester Sky's fascinating work to be both creative and instructive. Children will be inspired to learn and seek their own outdoor adventures as they engage with Rugby and Reme and friends."

William C. Friday, President Emeritus
University of North Carolina Chapel Hill, NC

This program has been really great with my students...Rugby and Reme are a part of our class all day long.  The students work hard each day to be just like Rugby and Reme....honest & caring."

Amy Sullivan, Kindergarten Teacher,
Ashley Park Pre K - 8 School, Charlotte, NC

A note of thanks for the OUTSTANDING day the kids spent at the MSky™ Studio on Monday. They have talked non-stop about Rugby and Reme, and all the magic in the red backpacks. Olivia used her dog as her show and tell for her writer's workshop when she returned to kindergarten. Your kindness was unparallel the kids felt like they were very special. The Rugby and Reme Movie Book made it all hit home and Olivia has been all about meeting the real Reme. The entire experience was wonderful. Many, many thanks from the Jackson 5 - we will read our signed book for years to come."

Brandon Jackson, Charlotte, NC

I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed our time together yesterday. As for the gifts, you will receive another "thank you" directly from Meier, but I wanted to share with you how much he enjoyed the gifts - he loved them! After opening them last night, he refused to take off the "big boy green back pack" until bedtime and carried Rugby and Reme around all night and slept with them.  I had to read the book twice last night before bed (and enjoyed it myself), and he is definitely not a fan of Sarx ("I no not like him.  He is very mean.").  And, when he got up this morning, he came out of his room in his pjs with the green backpack on with Rugby, Reme and book all inside!  He was telling the story to his dad.  My husband loved it.  Then, he insisted on wearing the red backpack out the door!  He has a special fondness for Reme and wants to meet the "real one" that mom met yesterday - he's a ladies man, even at school."

Brandy B. Milazzo, Attorney, Charlotte, NC

Our children love snuggling with their Rugby and Reme stuffed animals while we read to them about their adventures. Their imaginations run wild with each new adventure they encounter."

Dr. and Mrs. Jason Mark Roberts

"The Rugby and Reme Adventure Series is well written and helps to preserve the innocence of young children."

Kerry Moody, Alexandria, Virginia

What a great story! My children absolutely loved it ..... They sat and listened the whole way through. They loved being able to cuddle up with Rugby and Reme while listening to the story. The illustrations are absolutely wonderful as well. Adding a little bit of history with an awesome adventure is great for little learning minds. Thank you. We look forward to the next adventure!"

Nicole Carinci Kern, Charlotte, NC


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